We are James Ivan and Emily Louise. Together, we are a husband and wife photography team based in Indianapolis, Indiana available for travel world-wide. While Emily started photographing weddings in 2011, we joined in partnership in both marriage and business in 2015 and have been life + business partners ever since. Working together is a dream come true for us and we are honored to be a part of our couples' stories.

We work together to provide the best possible experience for our couples. We believe you deserve incredible images that reflect who you are and the story of your relationship. With us, you will feel calm, comfortable, and relaxed, which ensures you receive the most genuine and joyful images that truly showcase your unique story. Our images are simple and timeless, yet artistic and romantic. These photos are the first heirloom you pass along for generations to come and we're so grateful to be a part of it.


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We've been there - together

We were married in May of 2015. We've been through the wedding planning process before and have been able to experience a wedding day of our own. We truly feel as though we are better photographers because we've been in our couples' shoes before. We understand all the feelings and emotions, we understand your hopes and expectations, help you navigate the plan for the day and help if any problems arise. Simply put, we've been there, we get it, and we want to support you.  

Two photographers on your wedding day means we provide a sense of security and creativity we wouldn't be able to provide if we weren't together. We can be in two places at once if needed, we capture two different angles throughout day, one of us can help with posing while the other is shooting, and working together gives us the opportunity for one of us to get the classic photographs while the other is getting more photos of the more spontaneous moments through different angles. This allows us to provide our couples with a wide variety of images that truly tell the story of their day. 

There are two of us

Because we photograph every wedding together, we are able to provide our couples with a strong, consistent style. While we have our own areas of expertise and our own styles of creativity, we have become confident in our individual roles and that means a consistent shooting style for you to benefit from! We are always striving to become better and love having the support and encouragement from each other to do so as we work together to build your first heirlooms as a married couple. 


We are both main photographers on your wedding day, as opposed to one main shooter and one second shooter. We can depend on each other for certain images or angles throughout the day, we know what each other needs with just a quick glance, and it provides more stability for you. We never have to worry about securing a second shooter or who that person may be. We know every time. It's the two of us at every wedding. You can trust and depend on us more because we are married and in the business together. 


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